3rd Chennai International Short Film Festival Awards

The awards have been announced on 21st Feb 2016 during the closing function by the Jury.

Best Short Animation Films:

1. Best short Animation Film award is given to Black Island produced & directed by Nino Christen from Switzerland.
2. Second Best Short Animation Film award goes to Rosso Papavero directed by Martin Smatana & produced by Martin Smatana & Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava from Slovakia
3. Special Jury award for Short Animation is given to the film The Street Artist by Mahmoud Hindawi from Jordan

Short Documentary Awards:

1. Best short documentary Film award is given to the film The land of my art produced and directed by Alif Buterinote from Congo.
2. Second Best Short Documentary Film award goes to Piano lesson directed by Ajola Daja and prodcued by Soros foundacion from Albania
3. Special Jury award for a short documentary is given to Aladdin and The Magic Bin by Zikica Jovanovic from Serbia.

Short Fiction Film Awards:

1. Best Short Fiction Film award is given Najmia by Cristhian Andrews from United Kingdom produced by six people Ruya Koman; Olha Kaly; Ranjeet S. Marwa; Sophie Yaeger; Kimberly Freeman; Katie Thomas
2. Second Best Short Fiction Film award goes to Pomegranate Time produced & directed by Cevahir Çokbilir of Turkey.
3. Special Jury award is given to the Indonesian film director Ninndi Raras for the film Sweet Seventy.
4. Special Mention certificate is given to Nathalie Moussa, the script writer of the film – Fade Out from Lebanon.