A Big Fan!!

Prithviraj, who makes his Bollywood debut opposite Rani Mukherjee, claims to be her biggest fan. He says everyone boast that they are a big fan of Rani, but he will vouch for the fact that there is probably a bigger fan of Rani here now. He feels honored to have worked with her and glad to be a part of the film ‘ Aiyaa’.
Meanwhile, actor Srikanth still has a strong connection with Nambiar. Not only does he respect the veteran actor for his skills, but he will also be playing a character inspired by his onscreen persona. It seems the actor is doing a film titled ‘Nambiar’ and the character he plays has a striking resemblance to some of the roles to that of Nambiar played. He also thinks that Nambiar is one of those talented actors who can charm the audience even while portraying a negative character. He quiet revealed that his character in the film is not a villain based, but it will definitely hold everyone’s attention. The movie is directed by the debutant Ganesh and Sathya will score the music. Santhanam will be playing a different role which he has never done so far. He is also likely to do a film with Arun Vaidhyanathan of Achamundu Achamundu fame!