A heart of Gold : Priya Anand

The glowing doll of south – Priya Anand, who is just gearing up for her Hindi debut film English Vinglish is all flying in colors. The pretty lady is celebrating her birthday today.

Priya Anand was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu as the only child to a half Telugu, half Marathi father Bharadwaj Anand and a Tamil mother Radha. Besides her mother tongues, Priya is proficient in English,Bengali, Hindi and Spanish languages as well. She describes herself as “naturally extremely hyperactive”, became fascinated by films, developing an interest in cinema, since childhood, and noted that she has been dreaming of getting into the film industry and working on technical aspects of film making, but confesses she never thought of becoming an actor. She moved to the U. S., where she pursued her higher studies.Keeping her later career in mind, she studied Communications and Journalism at University of Albany. After completing her education, she returned to India in 2008 and since, stays with her grandparents in Chennai. However, she then ventured into modeling, appearing in various television commercials like Nutrine Maha Lacto, Prince Jewellery and Cadbury Dairy Milk.
Later on she went on performing a girl next door in her first debut film in Tamil – ‘Vamanan’. Recently the actress has done a role in Hindi film English VInglish with the legend Sridevi who has come back to cinema after 16 years! And now she is working on three languages, Hindi – Rangrez, Tamil- Ethir Neechal, Telugu -Ko anthe koti

Seems the Actress doesn’t normally like celebrating birthdays but this time she is making an exception this time around. It looks like the petite actress has handpicked 25 new reasons to celebrate her birthday.

Wish the gorgeous, a happy birthday!