A movie made in 12 days

Director Thirumalai’s next is Maan Vettai. Speaking abouit the film, Thirumalai says, ‘ it is a super natural thriller in the horror genre.

‘We shot the film in the thick forests of Andhra Pradesh. The biggest achievement is that we have shot the entire movie in just 12 days.’

Produced by Rishvin Ventures, Mann Vettaai stars Sharan, Shivani, Pradeep, Teja, Maya, Alisha, Vanitha and Priya. Suman Shetty brings up the comedy track.

Thirumalai says, ‘The story is about a group of youngsters who visit a haunted hill area. The two spirits in the area kill any human around. When several people die one-by-one, one of the youth, from a TV Channel, tries to film the events but in vain. Why are the spirits against humans and do they succeed in their ventures is the story.’

‘We are planning to release the movie this May’, says director