A.R.Rahman to launch his son??

His name is recognised on a global scale, as his music never fails to reach new heights. News has it, that A R Rahman is now, currently working on a new Bollywood project, where his son will be playing a part, marking his Bollywood debut. A source stating, Rahman has already floated a production company and will be making films. While everything around the project is being kept hush-hush, we know that AR Ameen will be playing a part in the film. Apparently, Rahman has been working on the project for a past few months, and has successfully managed to keep most of the information under wraps. The music maestro himself was reported confirming, We will announce our project in December. Kids are a part of this project and that is why my son is part of it. However, I will speak on it only in December.Knowing his talent for directing music is unmistakably profound, it will be interesting to see Rahman go into film-making and what he will come-up with. However, like the man said himself, I guess were just going to sit tight until December.