Ajith is very caring: Kishore.

Its not often that we hear one actor singing praises of another in Kollywood. But Thala Ajith, it would seem, has several admirers within the industry. Actor Kishore, who is currently on a high post Vanayuddham and Haridas, is now preparing for the next schedule of Vishnuvardhans film with Ajith.

The film is supposed to be titled Valai and stars Ajith, Nayan, Arya and Taapsee. Talking about his experience Kishore says, Vishnuvardhan is fun to work with. Ajith is really a genuinely-caring and warm person. I am a big admirer of his determination and the way he has bounced back post an injury and chosen his roles carefully. And Kishore apparently got to experience first hand, some of the genuine concerns of Ajith he had heard of. Recalls Kishore, During one schedule, I was unwell with high fever and could not even walk. So I was sleeping in my vanity van. Later I was told that Ajith had actually come by to visit me, told my assistant not to wake me up and that he would return later. I was extremely touched by that gesture.