All about friendship

Ezhil Iniyan will double up as producer and co-director for a movie titled Mugam Nee Agam Naan. The film that harps on friendship features Shankar Sreenivasan and Sharika in the lead roles. The movie also stars Ganja Karuppu, Bayilvan Ranganathan, Mohanapriya, Alwah Vasu and Thenimurugan.

The movie has lyrics by Viveka and Mohanji, art by Vinoth, stunt by Fire Karthik and cinematography by J Magendran. The movie has music by Mohanji. Mugam Nee Agam Naah has story, screenplay, dialogue and direction by Rana Saravanan.

The story revolves arround two close friends who froom their young days are close to other. How situation make them to show their friendship during hard times forms the crux.

The climax is un expected andit has four beautiful melodies and a qawwali type message song about mosquitoes will be the highlight, says the director.