Andhra Mess: Nearing completion

Showboat Studios, which has made several commercials, is foraying to film production. Interestingly, their maiden venture is titled Andhra Mess.

According to Jai, who is directing the venture, it would be movie on a group of small-time eccentric crooks and the interesting events which take place after a failed heist.

Mukesh cranks the camera while music is by Prashanth Pillai. Andhra Mess is an attempt to introduce a new genre into Tamil cinema, said the makers. The film will take you on an imaginative journey of story-telling, where there are no limitations to geographical presence, time periods or costumes. For the audiences it would be a mix of retro and contemporary styles of film-making and story-telling, added Jai.

Noted artist A P Sreethar plays the lead role, while the cast includes Raj Barath, Mathi, John Sandeep, Vinoth, Amar, Kasthuri, Pooja and Syed among others. The shooting for the film is almost complete.