Anjali Alleges Torure by Step-Mother

Tamil film actress Anjali chose to leave her house in Chennai blaming her step-mother Bharathy Devi of harassing her and usurping all her income.

The Angadi Theru actress said, ‘for the past few years, my step-mother has been using me only as an ATM (money-making) machine. She has no concern for me nor does she care for me.’

She forced me to work round-the-clock and lived a happy life with my money, the actress charged.

Anjali, who had been part of movies like Kattradhu Thamizh, Angadi Theru, Engeyum Eppodhum and the recently released Settai, alleged that recently when she sustained an electric shock while shooting for a movie, Bharathy Devi did not care for her and even compelled her to continue shooting the very next day’.

Pointing fingers at film-maker Kalanjiyam, she said, ‘he has been advising my step-mother on various issues and I fear that I might be attacked by them if come to Chennai now’.

Asked if she would prefer a police complaint against them, the actress said, ‘all will be decided only when I come to Chennai. But I don’t know when’.

Anjali is currently acting in a couple of Telugu films including remake of Hindi film Bol Bachchan.