AP Shreethar longtime dream come true

Artist AP Shreethar’s longtime dream of producing a feature film with students pursuing their studies come true. He started M/S. Sketch Book Productions with the blessings of Iyakunar sigaram K. Balachander and now He is so happy to announce the completion of his company’s first feature film MAIEM which is getting into post production stage.

The storyline of Maiem is a ‘mocktail’ of sorts which combines elements of romance and comedy with claustrophobic thrill. I take great pride in stating that this film contains a number of lead technicians who are currently pursuing their college education under various streams, and is the first such attempt in Indian Cinema. The list of the same is given below, namely:

1. Aditya Baskaran, Director, Fourth Year Mechanical Engineering, SRM University.

2. Kaashif Rafiq (K.R), Music Composer, Second Year Visual Communication, Loyola College.

3. Hashim Zain, Artiste, Final Year Visual Communication, SRM University.

4. Firnas Hussain, B-Roll Cinematographer (Making), Second Year Visual Communication, St.Patrician’s College.

5. Prem Shankar, Concept (Maanida Tittle Song), Final Year Mechanical Engineering,
College of Engineering, Guindy.

6. Varuna Shreethar, Costume Designer, Standard X, AMM School

7. Nandha Kishore, Assistant Director, Second Year Film Technology, Sivaji Ganesan Institute of Film Technology.

8. Namitha Sapkota, Assistant Director, Second Year Electronic Media, MOP Vaishnov College.

9. Parag Chhabra, Singer (Maanida Tittle Song), KM Music Conservatory.

10. Aarthi Bhatnagar, Dance Performer (Maanida Tittle Song), Final Year Architecture, BMS College.

11. Raj Laxmi, Dance Performer (Maiem Promo Song), MOP Vaishnov College.

12. Avleen, Dance Performer (Maiem Promo Song), Jain College, T.Nagar.