Aranmanai to release in June

Aranmanai to release in JuneSundar C’s directorial venure Aranmanai is all completed and ready for release this June. A horror film set in a huge palace, the movie stars Sundar C himself in lead role. Vinay, Santhanam, Hansika, Andrea, Lakshmi Rai play important characters. Speaking about the film, Sundar C, says, ‘Though comedy is my genre, I have tested water with a horror film. It is the story of a film that comes to sell a bungalow. They encounter eerie moments in the place. What happens then forms the rest’. ‘We searched for a huge bungalow throughout Tamilnadu to shoot the film. unfortunately we couldn’t find one. Eventually our search ended in Hyderabad. Actor Mohanbabu’s palatial house came handy’, says Sundar C. Hansika plays a girl with spiritual powers. It is a meaty role and she has pulled it off well. She has proved that she can emote in character roles too, adds Sundar C. Much recently films like Chandramukhi and Kanchana went on to become huge hits. people welcome horror films too. I have laced Aranmanai with humor wherever needed, he says.