Ashok Amritraj Speaks About Kochaiidayan

Ashok Amritraj, who had produced many Hollywood movie sin the past, is a popular name across the globe. He has spoken about Kochadaiiyaan. Says Ashok Amritraj, ‘Visual effects technology, motion control, digital technology has taken great strides in Hollywood and around the world . Kochadaiiyaan is the first movie in India to use this cutting edge, digital technology to provide the audience with a movie going experience which I think the parents and children will all enjoy.’

‘I would like to wish my good friend Rajnikanth and his daughter Soundarya,who has directed the film along with the cast and crew, who have worked so hard provide this extraordinary digital experience to the public. ‘I hope u will all go and see it and I wish my friend very best for a very very successful film.’