Bala Kailasam Memorial Award 2015 Final Nominees

1st Bala Kailasam Memorial Award 2015 (8) CGNet Swara is an innovative collaboration that uses mobile telephony and online networks to depict the concerns of tribal communities in Central India, who are neglected by the mainstream media. It reflects the power of the
Internet and the mobile phone, and how both can work in tandem to benefit poor people. Being the Voice of Chattisgarh, it has transformed how people in remote areas of India receive and share news. CGNet Swara is a great
example of how the media communication platform can be made democratic, enabling ordinary citizens to report and discuss matters of local interest.


Gurgaon ki Awaaz, a community radio station has done thought-provoking coverages of migrant workers, whose voices are very rarely heard. It has managed to build a special rapport with migrant workers with a fair amount of
flair, earning credibility, goodwill and trust.The programming showcases the natural story telling abilities our people, their music and arts, their concerns and aspirations, their culture and their relationship to the larger political economy. It is format that brings in livelihood tools and indigenous talent together to both empower and entertain.


Sarokar, a discussion programme on Rajya Sabha TV, encourages thoughtful interactions between key stakeholders during national debates. The show is more than a welcome breath of fresh air. Sarokar proves that dignified discussions are indeed possible on television and that they can certainly make a remarkable difference.


Illegal mining of natural resources like river sand, granite and placer minerals in utter disregard of the laws of the land, the environment and the lives and livelihoods of millions of people has made India a disaster waiting to happen. The Frontline Cover Story The Great Sand Mine Robbery documents and analyses this blatant and widespread exploitation of a natural resources in Tamil Nadu.This article meticulously documents how this debilitating act is fuelled by greed, official complicity and political patronage is done with impunity.