Bala speaks his heartout

National-award wining filmmaker Bala was in a jovial mod taking questions from the media persons in Chennai on Saturday. Speaking about the film, Bala said, ‘it is always easy to make a movie out of a novel. I enjoyed doing Paradesi.

On his team, Bala said, ‘ all of them have given their best. Young G V Prakash is talented and has given his best’.
On choosing Atharva for the lead role, the National-award winning filmmaker said, ‘he is a nice talent. And it is also my duty to cast him in my movie’.

Asked whom he considers the best actor among those acted in his movie, Bala said, ‘ Of course, I am.’. In a jovial note, he said, ‘ even now, I am acting before you’.

He said, ‘he had shun violence in his movies after he became a dad’.