Balu Mahendra speaks about Thalaimuraigal

Winner of five National awards, Balu Mahendra is ready with his next Thalaimuraigal.

He is also making his foray as an actor, for the first time. The excitement doesnt stop here.

Thalaimuraigal, produced by Sasikumars Company Productions, will be released 20 December.

There was a burning desire in me to do a film to prove a point that we too can make quality stuff that will be marvelled at, like the ones from Iran, Korea and France. Also, I wanted my film to be a demo for my sons (assistants and associates) to learn lessons and make good films in future, he says

Thalaimuraigal is dedicated to women, who made me what I am today. Specially I thank my wife Akila who stood by me for 45 years. Thalaimuraigal will talk about people from villages who go to the city, about those who leave their motherland for elsewhere, he adds.