Bhanu Mehra speaks up : Exclusive

Bhanu Mehra , who was seen along Arulnithi and praneetha in Udhyan Tamil movie speaks up about her passion towards movies and how she has come a long way to achieve in the cine field. Belonging to a Punjabi family, born in Amritsar, Bhanu was brought up in the multi cultured flavours of Mumbai. The actress reveals that initially she had no plans of getting into regional cinema but the opportunity she got for Varudu was really big to say no to. Ask her about the movie, she says, ” working on the sets of varudu among such big stars gave me the confidence and courage to work harder in life and reach the top.”

The young actress who has been in the cine field for over 3 years adds that how much competition prevails in the industry. ” Every second person i meet wants to be an actor or a singer or somehow wants to be associated with the film industry. I would also say that one needs to be super clever and witty to survive here. You end up meeting alot of people who guarantee you good work and success but you never know of the intentions in their head. I have been fooled, misguided, discouraged alot of times and have been heart broken many a times to think of another career option ” expressed the pretty actress. Bhanu’s Telugu debut also din do well.

Quiz her how she overcome this fair response, she revealed , ”Im a passionate, optimistic and a dedicated human who takes up responsibility with utmost enthusiasm. And im not the sorts to ever give up in life. I will chase my dreams untill they come true.” Post Varudu, she went on to take a break and spent time with her family. And now her bollywood film called boys toh boys hain is gearing for a release soon. Bhanu wants to work in every part of the country and explore different cinemas. The actress has also signed a huge punjabi film and is much looking forward to it. The shoot begins next month.

Otherwise questioning about her other intersts , she states that she loves music and has a great inclination towards bollywood and a little bit of western and has intersts on photography too. ” I believe life is too short to be wasted. Should take up every day as a challenge and should make the most of it. I love my life and love being independent.” Bhanu feels happy that in this five years she has not taken a single penny from parents .

Well coming to future and marriage, the actress clearly made a point that marriage is onr dread thing that she would not look for atleast next two years..since its one of the reason to a career to end. ” But we live in such a society where not getting married is no option. My parents would kill me if i dont . I want to be drop dead gorgeous all my life and never lose the charm. ” signed off the actress with a wink and smile.