Bharathiraja to the defence of Tenaliraman

Director Bharathiraja has expressed his strong opposition to protests from few sections for Tenaliraman alleging that King Krishnadevaraya has been portrayed in bad light.In a statement here, the director, said, ‘ It is sad to see that a few have made it an habit to protest films and its contents. From Vishwaroopam and Tenaliraman there is an effort towards, in the recent past.

I suspect there is a motive behind such attacks on freedom of expression of Tamils and Tamil artistes, he said and added, ‘Tenaliraman was an intelligent man who was known for his spoof. Many cartoons too have been appearing in papers spoofing leaders. Even Hitler was spoofed by Charlie Chaplin and the former did not go serious’.

Tenaliraman can be shown as Tenaliraman only. He can’t shown as Ayodhya Raman. Spoof will be part of his life. To oppose that is not ratonal’.S9ince it involves people speaking other languages, protests by certain section is not good. What would happen if doctors, engineers and others to indulge in such acts’.

Any reservation should be raised with censor officials. They watch and certify the same for public viewing, he added.Can a Tamilian do politics and become Minister in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala or Karnataka? he questioned.

We Tamils want to live united. Unity in diversity is our watchword. In recent past there seems to be some efforts to put down Tamils. If this continues, our culture and tradition will be lost, said Bharathiraja.