Bio – Pic : Veerapan remembered

Muthulakshmi, wife of the late Veerappan, reviled for his sandalwood smuggling and brigandage in the forests of Karnataka, was spotted in Chennai’s Devi Sridevi preview, watching the biopic on her husband, titled Vana Yuddham, in Tamil. (Its called Attahasa in Kannada.) Insiders said that she watched both versions, one after the other, along with her advocate and the court appointed commissioner Thillaisami.

The project had been hamstrung by delays ever since it was launched by award-winning filmmaker A.M.R. Ramesh. Muthulakshmi earlier filed a case against its release as she claimed that her character in the movie was inaccurately portrayed and that it would affect her childrens future. Muthulakshmi has said in earlier interviews how she had a miserable ten years, shadowed by the police from 1994 through 2004, allegedly tortured and her childrens education actively hampered. She also got a stay order on the films release.

Now, with the movie complete, Ramesh recently arranged for a special screening in Chennai, but Muthulakshmi did not show up.A week later, on Saturday, Ramesh once again held a special show. Meanwhile, Muthulakshmi is deliberating on giving the go-ahead to the Tamil version, but Kannada has been cleared.A few security guards were also present at the venue. Ramesh denies any objectionable content.