C2H: Cheran speaks at Madurai

C2H Cheran speaks at Madurai Lamenting lack of effective action to control video piracy, Tamil film director Cheran said he would release his film JK Enum Nanbanin Vazhkai under his Cinema to Home scheme, which would benefit producers.

Speaking to reporters in Madurai, he said he planned to sell the film through 154 distributors at the rate of Rs 50 per DVD and claimed his new strategy would help producers.

In this context, he quoted a survey which said only 14 of the 294 films released last year were successful commercially.

Clarifying that his strategy was not against cinema theatres, he pointed out that ticket rates are high now, preventing many people from seeing movies unlike in the past.

Cheran, who was here to seek police help to sell the DVDs of his new movie through his company, said he planned to release the new movies directly to people in the form of DVDs