Charulatha's double hit tricks!

We have seen double acts and even triple acts by actors in Tamil cinema. But it’s for the first time that debutant director Pon Kumaran has attempted a story with conjoined twins, though inspired by Thai horror film Alone.And, playing the twins, Charu and Latha, is none other than national award winning actress Priya Mani.Charu and Latha (Priya Mani in a dual role) are Siamese twins and live with their mother (Saranya Ponvannan) in Vedaranyam. Both grow up together and Latha is always protective of Charu. Both are keen on learning violin and while attending the music class, they meet Ravi (Skandha). Charu gets attracted to Ravi and he reciprocates her feelings.

However, Latha also falls for Ravi’s charm and realising that Ravi loves only Charu, trouble starts brewing between the sisters. Traumatised by Latha’s behaviour, Charu demands that she be separated from her sister.Sadly, Latha does not survive the operation. Years later, Charu who now lives in Srinagar, returns to her native place as her mother suffers a stroke. There, Latha comes back in the form of a ghost to haunt Charu. Even Ravi’s attempt to help her proves futile. A twist in the tale leads to the climax.Priya Mani appeals in her each and every frame showing variations – as the soft and timid Charu and bold and confident Latha.

The dusky actress also scores in the climax. But her full potential has not been exploited because of lack of coherent screenplay. Skandha passes muster. The romance between the lead pair is uninspiring .Paneerselvam’s cinematography is just about adequate. Sundar C. Babu’s background score adds to the scariness. The script had all the potential to become an engaging thriller had the director concentrated on the execution.