Cheran’s emotional media meet

Actor-director Cheran, chose tyop open up to media after his daughter lodged police complaint against him alleging that he plays villan to her romance with a dancer Chandru.

Cheran said, ‘When I checked on the boy whom my daughter was in love with, I found that he had no means to support my daughter, which shocked me. I clearly told him and his family then that they stay a little away from my daughter till she finished her education and when he gets a decent job, we can talk about their marriage.

Cheran said, ‘he is a clever actor. He is extremely manipulative and even spied on us through my daughter. He (Chandru) actually sent my elder daughter a love proposal when he added her on Facebook’

The director-actor said that the boy’s intention was only to coax me into making him a hero. ‘His claim that I made an attempt on his life is a hoax’, he added.

‘The incident wherein he has manipulated my daughter to file a case is only to get himself some publicity,’ he said in a choking voice.