Dakshi's Baduga song for his next film

Music composer Dakshi, who won the Kerala State award recently for one of his films, has come up with a catchy Badaga song for En Peyar Kumarasamy.

For the first time in Tamil cinema, a Badaga song will be featured in a Tamil film.
En Peyar Kumarasamy, which is directed by Rathan Chandrasekar, will have a song in Badaga, a language spoken by a tribal community in the Nilgiris. According to Chandrasekar, ‘Shanthi Thesingh, the first graduate and singer from the community, has penned and sung the song.

‘ Talking about the film, he added, ‘It is about a boy who loses his mother and is brought up an adamant father. He finds a girl whose love reminds him of his mother. The psychological changes he undergoes on losing her as well is what this film is about. The Badaga song is used to depict nostalgia.’

The highlight of the album is that Dakshi has managed to introduce actor- director Parthiban as singer. he has sung a song in the movie.