Divya Spandana's daring act!

Divya Spandana who has done a cheerful roles in Movies, turned out to do a very bold act this time not onscreen but in real life. The pretty lady was shooting for a film on the day of Bharath Bandh and a group of protestors came to the sets and made chaos out there. When the agitators attacked Divyas caravan that also had the driver and his 8-year-old child, she stepped out and asked the protestors to give it a breaaakk!!

Even in her twitter page she said that she asked the protestors to leave and not to make a mess on the sets – ‘ “I don’t mind a peaceful protest, but to come to my sets and damage the caravan while my driver and his 8 year old son is seated, is not done.” On queries over whether she was arguing with the protesters, she replied, “I got down and told them to leave. those are the clippings are on tv. I wasn’t arguing with the protesters for any other reason.” The footages of her negotiating with them were on TV too!