English Vinglish at Tornato Film Festival

The global audience sitting for the premiere loved it so much that the film got a standing ovation at the premiere where people were applauding for at least 10 minutes. They loved the film so much that just applauding the film wasn’t enough. The global press has given amazing reviews to the film and everyone there is of the opinion that ENGLISH VINGLISH will stand as a pillar in the changing face of Indian cinema.

Many believed that ENGLISH VINGLISH breaks away from the studio structure and sing-dance format of Bollywood that India is known for. They loved the film so much so as to give it a long standing ovation because they loved the film for being authentic and having such a universal subject at the core which everyone can connect to. Sridevi, who has made her comeback to films after 16 years, has sent shivers and ripples already in the world. Not just India but the global audience is in awe of Sridevi.

Sridevi completely relates to the character of the film ENGLISH VINGLISH as the character’s struggle with the language resonates with her personal struggle with the language says, “As a mother and as a human being, I could really relate to the character. I’ve done several languages without knowing the language: Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.’ After the brilliant buzz ENGLISH VINGLISH has created on foreign ground, the countdown for the release of the film in India has just got more exciting!