First Mee2la Music Video Album Song Stills


Music Video Album Team :-

Artiste : Akshaya.B & Arjun
Choreographer : Ranga
Cinematographer : Kasi Viswanathan
Editor : Chandra Kumar
Lyrics : Meenakshi Sundharam
Music Director : S.R. Ram
Singing : Akshaya.B & Srinivasan
Location : Malaysia ( Penang, Taiping, Putrajaya). Chennai ( Studio Branded )
Director : Akshaya.B
Assistant Directors : J.K.Raj and Riyaz

<strong>From Akshaya :-</strong>

Hi! Friends Am Kalabak Kadhali Akshaya. Am happy to say that am launching the first song of my Album First Mee2la . You all may think why the Title is First Mee2la..?

When we discuss about love, Every person has there own perceptions & outlook about love both Positive & Negative depending upon their circumstances.

Well i wish to say to all my beloved friends & family, That love is the most wonderfull thing that can happen to person, and from then it depends upon how you handle it.! Better handle it with care.!! Love at first sight in my life is the reason behind the song First Mee2la!

One fine day it happened to meet my Soulmate Bala, the moment he looked into my eyes i had butterflies running inside my stomach and felt a strong attraction towards each other; that was the love in the First Mee2la.! In few days it wasnt just me but surprisingly it was him who called me & proposed me Akshaya lets get married.!

Everything around me paused for a second and i could see my soul flying in the air. Then i came to know it wasnt only for me but it was also him who felt the love at First Mee2la.Therefore myself and my fianc together started our own production AB Creations in which a tamil film Yaali is under production, and my first Album First Mee2las first song is being launched for Valentines Day. I love you BALA and am dedicating this song to you my love! Wishing A HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

Am very very happy and proud to say that we are releasing the song Unnai Partha Oruganam from album First Mee2la which is again sung by me for my fiance. And its not just that, the reason behind the release for valentines day is especially for all the lovers. So my Sweethearts bless Ous and Bless You all COMPABILITY and LOYALTY is the key of a Successfull Relationship.! Love you all.