For the welfare of Asst Directors

TANTIS to the rescue of assistant directors Tamilnadu Thiraipada Iyakunargal Sangam (TANTIS) has announced that assistant directors will henceofrth be provided with a monthly remuneration to ensure they live a decent life.

Addressing media persons in Chennai, the newly-elected president of the association, Vikraman, said, ‘the aspiring directors are living in poverty. It is the need of the hour to ensure that they be paid some money for their survival’.

‘Assistant directors wil be given monthly salary. Producers of the movie that they work will enter agreement with them in this regard’, Vikraman said and added, ‘the remuneration for them will be calculated based on the movie’s budget.

The association have spoken with producers in this regard and an agreement has been reached in the presence of Labour Commissioner’.