Gana Bala’s special song

Gana Bala's special song Telugu film Bangaru Kodipetta is getting dubbed and released in Tamil as Love Pannunga Life Nallairukkum. One of the highlights of the Tamil version will be a song penned and crooned by Gana Bala.
We are taking all efforts to ensure that the film appears to be a straight Tamil movie. Gana Bala’s song is as part of those attempts, says producer R P Bala.

Gaana Bala has come out with a beautiful song which will strike an instant chord among the youngsters. I am sure they will enjoy the song and the movie, the producer adds.

Navdeep and Swathi (of Subramanyapuram and Vadacurry fame) have played the lead pair of Love Pannunga Life Nallairukkum, which is a romantic con movie.