Gautham speaks about NEP and the Heroes

Gautham Vasudev Menon has recently reported that he is planning to do a project in Tamil with his NEP stars Jiiva and Nani. Before that any one could jump in any sort of conclusions, the director himself has said that he even asked the two actors for his next venture. And this time to bring the two in one single movie. About Nani, the director has said that what made him awestruck was his confidence. The most revelation and hardworking person and its always a pleasure to work with him. If given he would definitely do a film with the actor.

And he clearly stated that by this line, he in no way means to compare the actors. Both of them have performed differently within the same structure. About the film, Gautham said that its a simple film with beautiful music with the finest and good actors – Jiiva, Nani , Samantha and Adhitya too actually. He loved every minute shooting for the movie.

Expectations are huge among the fans, we would be happy to know the movie release dates!