Inam no show from today

Within hours after MDMK chief Vaiko issued a statement seeking a ban on Santosh Sivan’s film Inam alleging that it was against the interest of Eelam Tamils, the producers of the film decided to stop screening it across the country from today.

Inam, which has been criticised for being pro-Sinhalese by Vaiko, has been facing flak ever since some pro-Tamil activists attacked theatres in Puducherry, calling for it to be banned. Announcing the hasty decision to withdraw the film from theatres, producer N Lingusamy who distributed the film under his Thirrupathi Brothers banner, said that the reasons were part-political,’I have heard that Inam has hurt the sentiments of a few people, but more importantly, problems and confusion of a political nature have been sown using the film. As I do not want problems to be caused during election time, I have decided that all theatres will stop screening Inam as of Monday,’ he said.