It was a Big Day for the Team of Muppozhuthum Un Karpanaigal

It was a big day for the team of muppozhuthum un karpanaigal as producer and director MR Elredkumar kumar presented his film to an exclusive producer network at Cannes film festival. It was indeed a proud moment for the film maker as he walked the red carpet with some of the prominent producers from across the world.

In a significant move in the Tamil film industry, few companies from across the world have shown interest in acquiring the remake rights of this film. As the film approaches it’s 100 th day in Tamil Nadu and soon to be released in Telugu, it comes as an additional celebration that the producer has signed a contract with a company from Los Angeles call Eccho Remake as they have acquired the remake rights for the North American territory. Also talks are on for the remake rights for the Korean and European territories.

The film was very well received at the screening and interested buyers felt that this script had the potential to be explored as it was very original and could be adapted in multiple territories.

MR Elredkumar remarked that film market at Cannes offers numerous venues to film makers back home in India. The growing global trends are put forth to the film makers at Cannes international film festival and some can be beautifully adapted to the Indian film industry, he feels.

It was an enriching experience when the remake rights for a Tamil film are acquired by other countries, as it will ensure that film maker gets the due credit.

It was indeed a situation where business and creativity merged!