Janani Iyer's First Award

After having made a successful debut in a Bala movie, actress Janani Iyer i set to be seen in Paagan. The actress has been awarded the the FFA recently for her debut role. The entire k town is in a head turn to her success. Apparently, she played a daughter of a rich industrialist in the movie Pagan and she’s a bold woman of today in Paagan. She is paired opposite Srikanth in this flick and is excited about the movie. While the Kollywood staple comedian Santhanam is not part of this movie, Soori and Black Pandi will be providing the laughs for us.And what is most exciting for this young lady is that she has dubbed for herself in this movie. In an age where most heroines get a dubbing artist, it’s good to see this actress, who’s called Mahalaxmi in the film, speak her own lines.

wish this lady a best of luck