Jiiva is going great guns

Mugamoodi is the biggest release so far in my career and I am eagerly awaiting to see the audienc reaction for the film, says actor Jiiva.
‘I would say it is the movie for which I was really made to work hard. Wearing a specially-designed costume and performing stunt sequences was an unimaginable task. The costume weighed over 15 kilograms and I developed a stiff neck, back pain while shooting with it.
Thanks to Mysskin, everything has come out well. When I saw the output on screen, all my pain flew away. I am thrilled to be part of such an interesting project. I am waiting to see the reaction of people, especially children.’
‘Pooja Hegde plays my heroine. She was nice to work with. Her dedication towards her character deserves praise. Narain has done a wonderful job and we became good friends. I take this opportunity to thank my producers UTV, who stood by the project.’