Jiiva's superhero look revealed

Director Mysskin, who managed to keep the look of Jiiva in his next superhero flick Mugamoodi a secret till now, has finally revealed it.

Jiivas costume, made with six different materials, is heavy and members of Mysskins unit had disclosed what an effort it was for Jiiva to play the role wearing it.

It may be noted that leading Hong Kong-based technicians worked on the costumes and the superhero looks of Jiiva. While Jiiva plays a kung-fu exponent, actor Narain is the baddie in the piece and Pooja Hegde, the female protagonist, is a journalist in the film. The film has stalwarts like Nassar, Selva and Prakash Raj. Music is by K.

Says Mysskin, ‘The film will be a trend-setter in Tamil cinema. I had seen Jiiva from a distance for long. When I started to work with him, I was amazed with his dedication.’
There is talk that Mugamoodi may release on 31 August.