Kabilan Vairamuthu Enthralla Singapore Tamilans

KABILAN VAIRAMUTHU ENTHRALLS SINGAPORE TAMILIANS On his debut overseas stage young writer Kabilan Vairamuthu impressed the tamil crowd at Singapore Kannadasan Festival. While speaking on Kannadasan I wonder how the verses of Kannadasan have become part of our custom especially in our marriages and funerals said Kabilan mentioning the songs Vaarayo en thozhi and Veedu Varai Uravu. Kabilan appealed to the audience to introduce Kannadasan to younger generation. The healing value that I witness in Kannadasans songs can be a medicine to the depressed Kabilan Vairamuthu stressed. There was a rousing ovation when Kabilan left the dais after delivering his speech. Marabin Mainthan Muthiah and kabilan vairamuthu were the two guest speakers of the day. The function was organized by Singapore tamil writers association. The auditorium was jam packed with audience of all age group.