Kabilan’s ‘Meinigari’ to be Made Into Film

Meinigari Kabilan Vairamuthu We had reported last week that the first copy of Kabilan Vairamuthu’s book ‘Meinigari’ was received by ace director Mani Ratnam. Now we have more updates on it.

Five short film-makers have approached Kabilan, expressing interest to make the book into a movie. The novel is about five youngsters and revolves around musical reality show. “There are song sequences in the novel itself. And there is romance too. These things should have made the young filmmakers to come up with the idea of making this into a movie,” Kabilan says.

It is to be noted that Kabilan, who is a lyricist now, worked as executive producer with a television channel before. So he was able to give indepth details about how a reality show is made.