Kamal impressed with Aachariyangal

Young filmmaker Harshavardhan is happy a lot. The reason- He recently met ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ Kamal Haasan and impressed him with the trailer of his debut movie Aachariyangal.

‘Rajkamal Films International & IIT Madras conducted a Screen Writing Workshop three years back and I was one among the 250 lucky participants. Kamal sir’s speech at the workshop was truly very inspiring. From that day on, I started to believe that new directors like me also should share the responsibility of taking Tamil cinema to the next level,’ says Harshavardhan.

He says further: ‘Now, I have directed a film called Aachariyangal which has a very novel script. We had decided not to have songs for this racy commercial thriller. I feel that I have derived this courage from none other than Kamal Haasan and desperately wanted to meet him to show my movies trailer and to get his blessings.’

He adds: ‘Kamal Sir agreed to meet me, after hearing that I had participated in his script-writing workshop as a student. I, along with my films hero Taman Kumar and cinematographer Deepak met Kamal Sir on an afternoon. Inspite of his busy schedule he spent a lot of time with us discussing our film and its concept. He liked our movies trailer very much and appreciated us whole-heartedly.’