Kamal thanks all

The much-awaited and much-hyped Tamil version of the film Vishwaroopam, which has crossed all the legal hurdles following protests from Muslim outfits, will hit the screens on 7 February.

Announing this after withdrawing his plea before the Madras High Court and the Tamilnadu Government submitting that the two-week ban imposed on the film under Section 144 CrPC has been lifted, producer and director, Kamal Hassan in a statement here said, ‘as an Indian, I express my sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart, and to the media for taking up my cause, as if it were their own’.

‘On the love and affection showered by his fans who had sent him cheques and demand drafts expressing their solidarity with the actor, who said the stalling of the film’s release would render him bankrupt, the actor said tears welled in his eyes and wondered if his penance had borne fruit’.

‘I am returning with love all cheques and money sent to me keeping your addresses with me. Tomorrow if religion and politics make me a debtor, I shall always have a place to stay and food to eat (meaning he shall always have his fans to help and back him in his endeavours)’, he said.

‘I only know how to use my talent and skills and do service to the people. I know nothing else’, Kamal said.