Kamal to release Mandolin Rajesh's album

Following My heart, music album by acclaimed Mandolin player U Rajesh will be released by Ulaganayakan Kamal Haasan on 2 August in Chennai.

Being a fusion of Indian classical and Jazz, it is an exceptional expose of eastern culture set to the beat of the west.His Music has no limits or boundaries and is universally accepted. The album is a collaboration of like minds across continents unified for one common reason, ‘Music’.

The album by U Rajesh is a window into himself.

There are about 6 instrumental songs in the album, out of which music videos has been made for two songs namely Master of masters and Flight of the bumble bee featuring Meera Jasmine.

The music album will be launched in the studio 6 degrees in Satyam cinemas.

Other special guests who are grazing the launch function are, Mandolin U Srinivasa, Meera jasmin