Kareena's biggest treat on her birthday

It’s finally that day. Kareena Kapoor’s much discussed and awaited Heroine releases today. The movie depicts the life of a heroine in B-town – the challenges and the triumphs, the despair and the glory. It promises to be role of a lifetime for for it’s star who turns 32 today, and we can think of no better birthday present.
Madhur Bhandarkar has a resume of thought-provoking films and, going by reviews of early birds who have already seen the movie, this installment is shaping up to be another feather in his cap.

Heroine began on a false note when original star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was announced her pregnancy and was dropped from the movie despite having launched it in grand fashion at the Cannes Film Festival last year. Her ouster was the cause of much debate and discussion on whether actresses were allowed to have personal lives and the feasibility of introducingno pregnancy clauses in their contracts.

According to Kareena Kapoor, playing the role of Mahi Arora in the movie has been her “bravest” so far. She’s already got a rare thumbs up from her strongest critic, sister Karisma Kapur, who was reduced to tears by the movie and couldn’t praise Kareena’s performance enough.

The movie is said to be based on real events and borrows from the lives of stars such as Preity Zinta who used to visit theatres playing her films in a burkha, just like Kareena’s character does in Heroine. Kareena Kapoor accepted the role as she felt she could relate to Mahi Arora. “I always take challenges when it comes to performance oriented roles and Heroine isn’t something that I could have missed,” said Kareena Kapoor in an interview.

The movie also stars Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda in important roles. “I am excited about the fact that the love story between the characters played by Kareena Kapoor and me is very different. Actors do say this all the time but when you watch the film, you would see that for yourself,” Arjun Rampal told PTI.

Heroine has been religiously marketed and promoted across India, with Kareena Kapoor attending various reality shows on TV, road shows and campaigns.

Kareena has already drawn praise with her item number in the movie, Halkat Jawani.
The critics and media are reviewing positive notes after the first show of the movie. She is the show stunner. It sure is Kareena’s movie!

With Heroine releasing today and getting positive reviews so far, we wish Bebo a very Happy Birthday!