Katheeja Shireen's Documentary Film " I Live Art"

I Live Art is the first film for Director Producer, Ms. Khateeja Shireen.

This is a refreshingly different documentary, concise, beautifully visualized,
interestingly depicts the journey and the passionate involvement of Art, in all forms
in the life of the protagonist, P. S. Govind Rao, an artist, famous architect, antiquarian
and gardener.

The documentary shows with apt visuals how Art has shaped Govind Raos life and
all his activities, professional and personal. It pays tribute and brings into limelight
this little known extremely talented artist whose genre covers not just painting in
mixed media, but also in other forms like glass, sculpted trees (bonsai and saikei).

Ms. Shireen has given a very interesting film, where she has not used any narration, a
few interviews and stunning visuals hold the viewer spell bound till the end. Kudos to
Ms. Shireen and we hope she will continue to make more films.