Meera Jasmine Pairs up with a NASA scientist

Vingyani Movie Stills (15) Meera Jasmine is teaming up with a NASA scientist Paarthi for the movie Vingyani. Meera Jasmine, known for her good performance before the camera, is highly expecting this film, Vingyani, because it has very good scope to show her acting skills. Paarthi has left behind his thriving science career as he is inclined towards making it big in the film industry.

Vingyani is a scientific thriller based on a bachelor scientist who is tricked into marriage which changes the course of his life. Vingyani is packed with ATCG, that is, Action-Thrill-Glamor-Comedy to be a complete family entertainer. The Scientist is engaged in solving one of the worlds biggest crisis and how his marriage affects his mission.

The film songs are pictured in foreign countries and in eye-catching studio sets as well as Indias beautiful locations. The most expensive scientific laboratories in this film are going to be educative to the students and will be a visual treat for public.