Naan Ee back in big screens

On 6 July, 2012, a supposedly small film opened in Tamil Nadu in more than 200 screens. Even before its release many critics have written off Naan Ee as a dubbing film with no star power.

But after the release everyone unanimously praised Naan Ee and wholeheartedly agreed that it was not a dubbing film but a straight Tamil film made with the nativity and local sensitivity in mind.

Naan Ee lived up to its pre-release hype and went on to capture the hearts and minds of the discerning Tamil audience. Today as Naan Ee enters the 4th week of its theatrical run, it has re-written quite a few records on its way:

It has opened in more than 200 screens and continues to run in more than 180 screens even in the fourth week

Everyone, from Superstars to super directors, have showered it with lavish praise

In the past decade, in Tamil Nadu, no movie has come back into the main screens after a 3 week run. Kasi theatre in Chennai has re-released Naan Ee after a gap of two weeks. In the fourth week, Santham theatre has commenced screening Naan Ee and many theatres across TN have shifted Naan Ee from small screens to large screens in its fourth week.

Naan Ee has proved the oft repeated quote that content is King. The producers, PVP Cinema and Director S S Rajamouli are very happy with the success of Naan Ee.

The story of a simple housefly has managed to capture the imagination of the public and is on its way to re-writing the history of Indian cinema.