Nani and Amala Paul shoot an action sequence.

Nani and Amala Paul are playing the lead roles in a Telugu film of social drama genre titled – Janda Pai Kapiraju, which is currently being shot in Hyderabad. A scene of the movie required them to jump into a sewage.

Following the orders of director Samuthirakani, the duo did it without hesitation. But they had to struggle a lot to get over the dirty smell from their body. Yesterday, actress Amala Paul took this over and expressed it on a social networking site that, “Naani stunned everyone literally by jumping into the sewage the momnt dir asked hm 2 do so &being thr fr almost 30 mins at a stretch.

He was aalmost cmpltly drowned thr while i was half drowned & standing next to him , sharing the experience .. being an actor isn’t easy.” However, Janda Pai Kapiraju is an action thriller film, which has been written and directed by Samuthirakani. GV Prakash Kumar has composed soundtrack and background for the film, which is expected to hit the screens worldwide on grand scale.