Nugam – A different war

Jeffy, a former associate of Vikram Kumar of Yavarum Nalam fame, is ready with his maiden venture as filmmaker with Nugam.

Speaking about the film, Jeffy says that Nugam is about the fight between two bad guys. ‘Everyone has good and bad in them and it is only the ratio of good to bad that decides whether a person is a villain or not,’ he says.The plot revolves around two hitmen from Swiss contracted to murder a Central Minister in India. While one wants to just kill the Minister, the other suggests that they plant a bomb to stop FDIs in India. The former hesitates and to prove that people are generally good, accepts a challenge to prove his point.

The film stars Ineya, and new faces Jeyabala, Preethi, Suresh and Vijaykumar in the lead.

The storyline presents realistic characters whom the viewers can identify with and be transported into whole new experience. Nugam was shot in Switzerland, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai, he adds.

According to Jeffy, ‘it is a psychological thriller. It is not a typical movie. It ends up with a strong message that violence can lead to destruction in the society’.

A promo song was shot for the movie crooned by Andrea and Suchith Suresan. It has won huge craze gong movie-lovers and it speaks about ‘Power of Love’.

Asked what the title (Nugam) suggests, Jeffy says, ‘it means unbearable, unavoidable burden with an emotional pain’. The movie has music by DJ Gopinath and Dashi. Ramesh cranks the camera, while lyrics are penned by Illaiya Kumar.

Plans are on to release the movie next June.