Porkkuthirai is a War between an innocent and criminals

Porkkuthirai Movie Stills (37) In the year 1980s story happens in Usilampatti, with Madurais nativity, fragrance and culture background. This film has been shot in Madurai and its surroundings. Film portrays how love was divine in the year 1980s and how the family affection between brother, sister, mother and father are deeply bonded.

Also, when we travel to each town it gives different good experience but sometimes shows bad experiences. Similarly this film captured the kind of experience Usilampatti is giving to the Hero Kali, how is getting the war character and how he is facing it with a beautiful love, friendship, family affection, exciting and natural fight

Costumes, locations, properties, songs and scenes of this film would carry the audience to the year 1980s itself. Director Sri Prawin and his team worked really very hard to accomplish this.