Prakash Raj’s new ad stirs controversy

A new ad campaign endorsed by film actor Praksh Raj is causing an outcry for its provocative message. The controversial advertisements seem to target parents and their daughters with the line kalyana vayassu ponnu irunthaale tension thaane. Three short teaser ads have appeared so far, where parents speak to the actor, describing their daughter as a tension to an empathetic Prakash raj who then signs off with the campaign line. The campaign has not revealed the product or the brand so far.

Not surprisingly, the campaign has elicited a storm of comments, especially on social media. Facebook posts have appeared by the hundreds on users facebook timelines, some agreeing and some criticizing the campaign. The youtube channel for the respective ads also do not appear under an existing brands channel but under an independent channel called Tension daughter, which only adds to the mystery. We have to wait till August 15th to see who’s right.