Rajamouli reveals secret of success

Right from his first film Student No 1 in 2001, which had
NTR Junior in the lead role, S S Rajamouli has delivered several blockbusters including Magadheera (Maaveeran in Tamil) and the latest Naan Ee.

At a time when many wonder as to what would be his secret of success, the filmmaker has said, ‘There is no secret or anything as such. No one can be sure of success. If I am sure a particular film will succeed.’

Speaking to PTI, he said, ‘I will become a billionaire. I just need to buy the successful film and invest on it. No one knows which film succeeds. All that we can do is putting our 100 per cent into the film, from the time we get up to the time we sleep. Whatever we can do, with our body and mind, just do it. We can try for success but the result is not in our hands.’

Rajamouli added: ‘Naan Ee is an idea by my father, which we have been discussing when he was a story writer and I was his assistant back in 1990s. Then, it was just a story idea, forget about making a film. Later on, when I became a director and I was making some big budget films, I was also interested in making some small films. That’s how it happened.’