Rajini about Rana

Rajinikanth yesterday addressed a large gathering of fans following his very special 63rd birthday. During his typically entertaining speech he recalled how the fans enjoyed his villainous performances in Chandramukhi as Vettaiyan, MGR in Sivaji

and Chitti 2.0 in Endhiran. Taking cue from that response he said that his project with K.S. Ravikumar, Rana, would be a role of the ultimate villain. Giving some information about the story he said it is a period film that is about the protagonist Rana avenging his sisters death by bringing down an entire kingdom. He said the character would be as strong as Dhuryodhanan and Ravanan combined and will possess the wit and intellect of Sakhuni. He also said that the story will have a political angle that will be relevant to the present times.