Ramanujan Ready For Race

The English-Tamil Biopic Ramanujan, is directed by National award winning director Gnana

Rajasekaran and produced by Camphor Cinema, an independent film production company co-founded by four young entrepreneurs: Srivatsan Nadathur, Sushant Desai, Sharanyan Nadathur and Sindhu Rajasekaran. The film tracks the journey of the ace mathematician

from Kumbakonam to Cambridge. Its been simultaneously shot in Tamil and English.

The film stars grandson of legendary couple Gemini Ganesan and Savitri and step- nephew

of Rekha, Abhinay Vaddi who plays the role of Ramanujan,Malayali actress Bhama,

Suhasini Maniratnam wife of the renowned director Mani Ratnam and the established British

stage and screen actor, Kevin McGowan. It features Indian actors Abbas, Nizhalgal Ravi,

Delhi Ganesh, Y. GEE. Mahendra and Sarath Babu and British actors Michael Lieber, Richard

Walsh, Cloudia Swann and Elizabeth Bourne playing vital roles as well.