S M Vasanth's MPMK

Director S M Vasanth is now ready with Mahendra Talkies Moondru Per Moondru Kadal (MPMK), which is woven around not one but three love stories. Arjun, Cheran and Vemal play the protagonists while Muktha Banu and debutants Surveen and Lasini play their love interests. The film is a youthful entertainer and consists of three love stories and they happen in three landscapes mullai (mountains), marutham (fields) and neithal (sea).

In terms of music, the director says all three love stories will have different kinds of music according to the location. The film has director teaming up once again with Yuvan Shankar Raja and the songs are all set to hit the stores today. Music takes a film to another level and creates a vital connection between the film and the viewer. Yuvan and I have tried something new in MPMK in terms of sound. I would call it postmodern. I have already worked with Yuvan and in this film, I wanted him to go beyond whatever we had done earlier. Its a new leap in Yuvans music, he remarks. From dubstep to Carnatic, the album has all, says the director.

And the duo has also gone for unique singers like Neha Bhasin, BlaaZe, Nandini Srikar and composer Ramesh Vinayakam. Ramesh has sung Stop The Paattu, a song is only about making the music stop as we have become addicted to songs. And, very interestingly, Yuvan has created a very lovable melody with BlaaZe, he reveals. And his mandate to lyricist Na Muthukumar was to go for simple but very effective lines. Even Chinna Chinna Aasai had very simple lyrics but whatpower the lines had! We have gone for lifelike lines and you will immediately get the visual on hearing the line, he says.